Another Social Medium: Pinterest

Pinterest, a site that allows users to “pin” almost any picture on the internet to a virtual ‘pin board,’ is rapidly and consistently expanding. Is it already part of your social media marketing strategy? Given its unique format it may be relevant to growing your business. Here are some signs your company could benefit from Pinterest.

1. Is your content already being pinned?
Check your analytics and see if Pinterest is already bringing traffic to your site, which means your content is already being “pinned” by users. This is a great sign that your business can benefit from its own pin presence.

2. What about your target audience?
With 18.7 million unique visitors in March 2012 alone, Pinterest’s large audience meets almost every demographic. However, the majority (68%) of Pinterest users are women and 50% of users are parents. They spend more money and are more influenced for transactions through Pinterest than Facebook. If your target audience aligns inside of these parameters, you should seriously consider integrating Pinterest into your marketing strategy.

3. Do you provide sharable visual content?
The beauty, and curse, of Pinterest is that the audience ultimately makes the decision of how much your business gets promoted. Pinterest “pins” will get re-pinned over and over by different users (and potential clients) only if it has a high-quality photo or visual. If your company is not currently generating this type of content that doesn’t mean your business is not fit for Pinterest. It simply means you need to take stock of your current content and get creative about visual representations.

4. Does Pinterest fit your industry?
While any industry can find a measure of success on Pinterest, there are some businesses that are almost perfectly suited for the site. Business in retail, the arts, creative or new media, tourism, food, and beauty industries are a few that easily fit Pinterest.

5. The price is right.
Pinterest is free. This means your business only needs to contribute time towards integrating it into their marketing strategy.

If you still are not convinced, consider Pinterest is growing more rapidly than any other social media outlet right now, users are deciding and buying more materials through it than Facebook, and it now only trails Facebook and Twitter in unique users. Engagement is high, and with costs non-existent, “everyone who is anyone” is jumping on the Pinwagon.

One thought on “Another Social Medium: Pinterest

  1. One of the things that I appreciate this blog for is the timely tips and awareness.

    I recently joined the pinterest wagon and have been amazed at the power in a pin.

    Thank you for your tips and articles.

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