Apps: Three Organization Favorites and a Great Graphic

With a growing number of apps available, here are our two cents on some of the best to help organize your small business.

1Password Pro: A solid app for storing important data. Password protected, this app allows you to store a “wallet,” notes, logins, passwords, etc. on your phone without fear (especially with the optional double-lock feature). The virtual wallet allows you to keep credit card information and IDs; the notes portion allows you to add free-type information you might want to password protect; and passwords and logins are self-explanatory and kept alphabetized. 1Password Pro can also log you onto third-party websites in one click for secure, sandboxed website visits. Although the price is a bit hefty, it is a universal app and is a small price to pay to keep your important information secure. $14.99

TeuxDeux: A simple, user friendly to-do list. This app allows you to keep track of your busy schedule, to manage multiple accounts (personal and business for example, or client by client), reorder your added tasks, cross off and delete tasks, as well as drag and drop tasks onto other days. Users swipe their screen to access different days to add or edit tasks days, weeks, or months in advance. Think BaseCamp project management a little less robust.  An added bonus: TeuxDeux is free a web-based login service, so your account is sync’d on every device. $2.99 (free browser site at

Awesome Note (aNote): For a comprehensive organization suite that manages note taking, calendar, to-dos, checklists, events, anniversaries, alarms and passcodes—which also syncs to your iPhone built-in Calendar—try turning to Awesome Note. This app boasts features such as: the ability to attach maps and photos, word-processor quality note taking, displaying to-dos, notes, and events in Calendar, passcode protection available for each individual folder, and capability for syncing to Google docs, among others. $3.99

Just in case you are wondering about the history of apps, are curious about a few stats, or want to know what’s coming next in the app world, here is an excellent graphic designed by the marketing company neolane:

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