Friday Quote

Karl Marx said, “Sell a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man how to fish, you ruin a wonderful business opportunity.”

While we are not proponents of Marxism, we think there is a lesson to be learned from his thought on proverbial fishing: Is your business filling a void? If your business isn’t providing some kind of service, product, or experience that isn’t already available, its time to look for ways to make your business stand out and fill a business cavity.

For example: In a small town in rural Idaho (and two more locations in Utah) there is a small diner, Sammy’s, that offers your regular fare of hamburgers, fries, and shakes–and though they taste better than average, it is nothing that can’t be found at the cafe down the street. What Sammy’s offers to fill a “void” and that is truly unique, however, are their “Pie Shakes.” A genuine piece of pie blended up inside of a milkshake*. Even though they are almost $4.50 a pop (more than double the price of a McDonald’s milkshake) business is booming because they are offering a product that is unique to the area (and delicious).

So take a look at your business and ask yourself if you are filling a void or offering something unique–if the answer is no, pull your team together to create ways for your business to stand out.

*Another brilliant idea of Sammy’s: they have partnered up with a local bakery, using their cupcakes in their “Cupcake Shakes” in exchange for advertising at the bakery.

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