Having a Successful Business Blog

After finishing Beta testing on the updated website, we are happy to finally turn our attention to the blog rollout. We thought this would be an appropriate post.

A recent article by Laura Clark from the Nashville Business Journal suggested four components of a successful business blog. Clark’s comments are in line with our own thoughts, and we decided they would make a good post. Here are four elements a successful business blog *can include:

1. How-to Articles
The internet is a place where people turn to for answers. The challenge is to find reliable information from sources you can trust. We certainly hope you will turn to us and find something to meet your needs. We would also like give other businesses a taste of who we are and what it will be like when working with us.

2. Tools and Resources
Posts that fall under the “Tools and Resources” category will focus on apps, subscriptions, software, and other tools our clients, partners, and we ourselves find relevant or most helpful.

For example, the app “BizXpense Trkr” (BXT) is a tool we have found helpful with our staff (though the teen-texty name might suggest otherwise). BXT tracks billable hours, mileage, and expenses, all in neat and user-friendly categories for an easy travel solution on iDevices. Coupled with “WorldCard Mobile”, a handy app for photographing and processing business cards, you can leave your Neat Receipt device at home. Both are available at the iApp Store for a small fee.

3. Case Studies and Customer Stories
Success breeds success, and sharing in someone else’s triumphs can help to motivate, inspire, and inform us of relevant improvements we can make to our processes and efforts. We won’t be delving too often into this category because this is our bread and butter, but would invite interested readers to contact us to learn more at their leisure.

4. Promotional Posts
This is a blog for business, which means we will need to highlight our available services. Rest assured we will steer clear of hawking our wares, and Clark suggested you do the same in order to have a successful blog. Instead of getting caught in a Catch 22 of Promotional Posts vs Bragging Sale’s Man, we’ll occasionally explain our services as a possible solutions in our How-to sections. This said, it’s unlikely you’ll find any strictly Promo posts here because they are not what anyone wants.

Once again, welcome to the Nosoco Blog.

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