More Social Media

We wanted to share Best Finance School‘s infographic of the five biggest internet entrepreneurs of 2012 to serve as a reminder that using social media to promote your SMB can be incredibly beneficial.

With these social media sites’ growth and success in mind, here’s a few more ideas on how to take advantage of these hot sites:

1. Invite customers to hashtag their Instagram photos of your business and/or products and invite followers. You can even post pictures of coupons or deals to your business’ Instagram to create both incentive to follow your account as well as drive people through the door. (Incidentally, we got this idea while surfing Pinterest and saw a wedding party that had created their own hashtag in order to see guest’s photos of their event.)

2. If you are already on social media, make sure you’re being optomized not just in Google but in Rockmelt to bring up your webtraffic.

3. Invite pinners to your boards. Pinterest has a new feature that allows you to invite fellow pinners to pin content on to your specially created boards. You could even run a promotion using this new Pinterest feature! For example: Cupcake Shop invites it’s customers to follow them on Pinterest. Cupcake Shop then runs a promotion inviting customers to pin flavor ideas onto their shared board, one of which will be chosen as the flavor of the month. You could even give a special discount if you follow, repin, and/or contribute to Cupcake Shop’s board.


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