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Organizing you day-to-day operations are perhaps the trickiest part of maintaining order and structure. Here are three areas where organization is key, as well as a few tips to help keep your business systematized.


With its ability invite other parties, sync to your smartphone, and aggregate multiple users’ tasks and events, Google Calendar is a great way to keep you and your employees connected and aware, while being easily accessible to everyone.

Large wall dry-erase calendars are also effective for shared office spaces. We recommend each employee has his/her own color of marker to keep everyone’s schedule straight and easily recognizable.

Your Desk:

Yesterday we mentioned briefly to think of your desk or work area as an assembly line. For example: If you own a used book store and must price, invoice, and sort each book that comes in before it can be shelved, in order to most effectively accomplish your task your work area must be organized. So from left to right your desk should have the pricing guide and stickers, then your computer where you do your invoicing, and lastly boxes marked with genre that will later be shelved.

Leaving projects, debris, or clutter on your desk will quickly avalanche to a messy work station. A good way to make sure your work area always stays clean, and therefore optimized for production, is to clean it each night. If this task is done regularly, it should take no more than just a few minutes. Just make sure you’re not shoving everything into drawers with the idea that you’ll deal with it later. Every item should have its own place and be put there each night.


Business cards from other companies are often either shoved out of the way and forgotten about, or stuck in a giant rolodex that takes up precious desk real estate. To keep your contacts organized and on-hand, consider either of these apps: World Card or Card Munch. 

As this post is our last installment in the organized series, we wanted to remind you that if you’re overwhelmed with the thought of getting and staying organized, remember that if you can start and run your own business, you can be organized.

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