Organized Storage

If your storage, be it physical or virtual, is not organized then chances are you are wasting a lot of time looking for important documents, photos, receipts, and/or client information. While some of these issues can be addressed if your business’ filing systems are under control, there are ways and tools to make sure the storage of other important items is streamlined and optimized for your company’s needs.

Virtual Storage:

Google Drive. Every SMB should have a Google Drive account. This free feature of Google allows you to share files and photos with employees (it even has a enable/disable editing feature). Gone are the days of searching through your e-mail to find that one attachment and cluttering up your inbox whenever an employee edits a draft. Cost: $0

Basecamp. If your business is more project driven, this is the program for you. Basecamp organizes multiple projects, allows and records discussions, keeps individual to-do lists within each job, as well as shares folders. Cost: starts at $20 a month

QuickBooks. Even if you hand over your taxes to an accountant at the end of the year, QuickBooks is an incredible tool that allows you to track, reconcile, and record all of your business’ finances. QuickBooks is user-friendly, but more importantly allows you to store all of your (organized!) bills paid and received, invoices, and earnings on your computer. Your account is available over multiple computers, but we still recommend always keeping a backup. Cost: $139 for most recent version

Dropbox. A great, secure website that allows you to keep any kind of file stored on the Cloud. Dropbox allows for easy uploading, sharing, and access from almost any device. Dropbox even works when you are offline, so your files are always accessible. Cost: 2GB $0

NeatDesk. As far as paper storage goes, we still suggest our fabulous filing system as there is something comforting about having a physical copy of your important paperwork, especially if you get audited. However, should you find that digital storage is your cup of tea, we suggest NeatDesk. Not only can it scan multiple sizes of paper (from business cards to receipts to standard paper) it can scan multiple items at a time, all of which can be organized using the included software. If you’re like us and not comfortable completely converting to digital filing, NeatDesk is still a great way to scan and store receipts and contact information. At whatever level you choose to use digital filing it’s extremely important to back up your information each month. Cost: $169.99-369.99

Physical Storage:

Large storage: IKEA is a great place to find cheap, easy to build furniture that is designed to organize and make the most out of small spaces. Bookcases, shelving units, wall shelves, drawers, paper and media storage, and filing cabinets are all affordable and practical. Cost: varies

Desk storage: This will vary based on your company’s needs, but we’ve found it’s hard to go wrong browsing through The Container Store and looking for a similar (and cheaper more competitively priced) item on Amazon. is also a great place to look.  Hint: When you are setting up or reorganizing your desk make sure your most-used items are handy and that your desk resembles an assembly line for more effective output.

Paper storage: You can read all about it here!

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