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These days it’s easy to get overlooked in your job. You might come early, leave late, or be like the guy from Office Space who moves his desk a thousand times. You may actually be working instead of chatting at the water cooler or watching YouTube, yet you’re still not getting the verbal or monetary recognition you deserve. Sending out resumes to both new positions and head hunters may yield no results, often not even a call back. Yet the slacker two desks over, who is often distracted from his work by social media, gets the attention one needs in order to make it in business world.

Bob Corlett, the founder and president of staffing of the Washington Business Journal says that you’re not alone in what he calls “being digitally invisible” in an otherwise digitally-obsessed culture. Luckily Corlett gives advice on what to do about it when it has come time to leave your old job.

Corlett states that social media is part of the answer. Yes, that means joining LinkedIn and accepting requests from people you hardly know. Yes, that means using an actual photo of yourself. Yes, that means keeping your profile current and active. And yes, according to Corlett, it does work. Most search firms spend large amounts of money on candidate research, and that research is now coming from the Internet rather than meetings over coffee.
So here are our recommendations to become visible.

1. Join LinkedIn. Corlett even states that, “recruiters everywhere are pulling their budget money out of job board advertising and pouring it into LinkedIn.”
2. Update your outdated profile.
3. Consider Twitter. Stay tuned for our upcoming post that will help you make the most out of your business twitter account.
4. Get involved in positive social discourse. It’s not enough to just have an online profile. It needs to be active. This means leaving comments on blogs, posting articles, and writing on other’s profiles.
5. Declare your interests. Subtly showing your interests on your profiles is a great way to show your personality, while still remaining professional. Syncing Nike + to your account lets your followers know you are a runner. Checking in at a golf course may lead to a future meeting on the green.

When contemplating your new profile, remember that if you’re not visible on the Internet, you’re not visible.

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