Nosoco is dedicated to providing Business Applications to SMBs because even the most talented owners and managers don’t have time for everything. Let Nosoco help your SMB develop solutions to facilitate organic growth that includes evalutation and successful adaptation of processes &practices, and increased human capital through fact-finding, in-depth study and investigation.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Policy Synthesis
  • Standard Operating Procedure Analysis
  • Suitability, Feasibility, Acceptability Studies
  • General Research & Analysis

PINS alongside your input will lead to innovation in Strategy, Applications, Development, Expert Network, and Customers and Marketing. While our emphasis is on small, medium sized, and family-owned and operated businesses, Nosoco welcomes the opportunity to work with any organization.

about us

Nosoco uses a collaborative approach to find pragmatic, iterative, novel solutions for the small and medium sized business


The Nosoco Method: Pragmatic. Iterative. Novel. Solution. PINS
is a multi-stage business solution model with a vertical and horizontal results-based strategy.


Nosoco's emphasis is SMBs and family businesses, but we welcome the opportunity to work with organizations of all sizes.