The Power of SEO for Small Business


Have you ever wondered what search engine optimization (SEO) can really do for your business? Not just the internet, but in the real world. Here is a short story of what it did for one client.


For six months, we worked with a client to focus their search engine strategy. At first we drew up a plan and prioritized keywords. Next, we fixed the technical errors on the website and used SEO best practices to improve their rankings. Web traffic was up 400%, organic search 1000%. Than, they were on the first page of their target terms, receiving calls from California, Texas, and Washington to their small company in South Carolina. Verifiable new business…


A production company that works with HGTV searched a keyword and found this company’s website from New York City. The Art & Design Director for a new series called and learned about services. These companies speak to 3 companies to compare bids. They only found one other company they were interested in using, and this company was from outside the area they needed serviced. The production company continued to do its due diligence so they could make a decision…

the hgtv logo in hd


The competitor also searched the internet using similar keywords, and called our client to create a partnership. When they learned HGTV were interested in working with our client directly, the other service provider withdrew their bid. Our client won that job, which turned into four national television episodes. Not only this, but they have become the preferred East Coast partner for the production company for this service and expect more projects because the show has been picked up for a second season. The first episodes have already aired!


These days, the company gets as many visitors per day from search as they did in an entire month. More people visiting their contact page than used to visit their website in a whole month! Real world business is up, and they are reaping the benefits of SEO.This all came with the company investing $0 in keywords and search engine marketing because their budget did not allow for it.


Our Special SEO Offer:

-A Strategy Meeting (as needed)

-Analyze 25 Keywords

-See Top 3, First Page, Second Page, Page 3-5, and 6+ results

-Basic Link Info + Website Score (1-100)

-One-page Optimization Grades

-Technical problem details that are impacting your SEO

-Every Keyword compared to competitors

+Comments on what this all means and where you stack up


The Second Discounted Link Report would Include:

-Your website score compared to competitors

-External Links & Linking Root Domains

-Compare your links to competitors

-Top 25 Page and Domain Authority of your top linking pages (1-100 scores)

-Top 25 Root Domain scores and number of links

+Comments on what it means and how you’re doing

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