Taking Time to Think

With the rise of the smartphone has come the downfall of downtime. Phones are always in hand or pocket and literally vibrating to send the alert anytime a call, text, tweet, message, photo, or e-mail comes our way. Business has always been competitive, but the age of technology has made it even more so. There is an ever increasing need to multitask and get more done. But with all of these advancements it seems that there is something being lost: time to think. Sure, your brain is constantly buzzing about what else needs to be accomplished and how, but the time to just ponder, let your mind wander, or turn your thoughts towards ideas has all but vanished.

If this sounds like an issue you are having it’s time to remember that as an entrepreneur or business owner your thoughts, the ones coming from the cognitive area of your brain that are creative and problem solving, are especially valuable to you and your business. You can greatly benefit from taking time to let your deep thoughts marinate.  But just thinking isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially when there are texts, voicemails, tweets, and LinkedIn messages waiting.

Here are a few tips to help you clear your world of distraction for a few minutes each day in order to just think:

  1. Write down or diagram your thoughts.
  2. Take your dog, but not your phone, on a walk.
  3. Take a shower.
  4. Garden.
  5. Wash the dishes.

Though they all seem simple, each activity will clear your mind and help your new ideas come forward. Activity one will help you clarify and streamline your thoughts. Activities two through five will help you generate thoughts because they are “zone-out” activities which require very little cognitive thinking, freeing up your brain to consider more important things. Even if lightening doesn’t strike during your brain’s downtime, that’s okay.  Remember your brain is a part of your body and needs rest to function to its potential.

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