Top Five Old-Fashioned Business Practices

The resurgence of vinyl records, Mad Men-esque clothing, and all things vintage got us wondering if there are old business practices that deserve a second look. Here is a list of our top five ideas we think could benefit your business:

1. Face to face meetings. With all of the friending, messaging, poking, and other virtual means of meeting, it will go a long way in making a lasting impression to meet with your client face to face. It’s much harder to forget a face than it is a font.

2. Thank-you notes. Preferably handwritten and mailed with a stamp. A genuine thank-you note shows genuine appreciation. It also lets your clients know you will go the extra step for them.

3. Picking up the tab. If you do make a face to face appointment, make sure you pick up the tab of coffee, drinks, or lunch. It’s a kind gesture that will help clients feel cared for.

4. Remember the individual. Whether it’s remembering their kid’s favorite sport team, sending a box of cupcakes for their birthday, or delivering flowers to celebrate a personal achievement, let your partners and clients know your interest in them is both business and  personal.

5. Follow up with a phone call. A phone call is not to be confused with an e-mail or Facebook message (though if you are doing either of those you are ahead of 80% of other folks), instead go the extra mile and let them hear your voice and be assured they are not part of a mass message.

Good luck!

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