Tried It Tuesday

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We are starting another new blog series that will be featured once a week called “Tried It Tuesdays.” In these posts we will recommend business related books, products, apps, or even theories that we have tried and found worthy of passing on to our readers. For our first installment we wanted to start with the humble pen.

SMBs rarely have use for fancy-pants fountain pens, yet sometimes a Bic pen just won’t cut it. For note-taking, signature signing, and customer borrowing, we suggest the Pilot G-2 05 as a fantastic middle-of-the-road option. It’s a retractable gel pen that writes extremely smooth, dries quickly, and beats the appearance produced by a ball-point by 1.8 miles (or the average writing length of a Bic pen). The only drawback is that because it is a gel-pen it will slightly bleed through your paper, though not badly enough to leave the opposite side usable. Overall it’s the pen we always find ourselves reaching for whenever a writing needs arises.

4 out of 5 stars

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