Two Tips from the Mastermind Behind Facebook’s Newest Sensation

Just 14 days after its creation, the Facebook page Gina Indelicada (Indelicate Gina) already had over a million and a half likes.

Gina Indelicada is a spin-off from a 65 year old Brazilian toothpick brand, Rela Gina, which takes fan’s questions and answers them albeit indelicately and humorously. The founder, Rick Lopes, is not even officially sponsored by Rela Gina (yet!), but he has still generated a lot of buzz around the product. Here are two ways, in his own words, Rick Lopes suggests for creating effective social-media efforts.

1.    Effective social-media campaigns take lots of research: People think I just happened to discover the internet, but the truth is I’ve been researching a lot about all of this for quite some time.

2.     Take something the audience is familiar with and turn it on its head: The character Gina is a well-known symbol in Brazillian culture, so she was the perfect character to reinvent.

The most impressive part of this Facebook campaign is that toothpicks are not incredibly exciting, yet Lopes has created this phenomenon around them. This suggests that any product, with some ingenuity, can create a widespread social following.

As a bonus here is a graphic by Social Caffeine to help you in your quest to improve your social media campaign.


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