Upcoming Digital Marketing Series Topics – Week 1

Here are the topics for the upcoming digital marketing series being hosted by the Greater Bluffton Chamber of Commerce.

Digital Marketing 101, 7 Jan

This first part of the series will provide an overview of digital marketing, and how digital marketing ties into traditional marketing. This discussion is primarily intended for companies who wish to market their business through websites, local search, search engine marketing/pay-per-click, digital newsletters and promotions, blogs, digital billboards, photos, videos, social media, and other digital mechanisms. Business owners, managers, marketing professionals, and individuals interested in technology are welcome.

Retail: A Discussion on Marketing and Making Technology Work for You!, 14 Jan

This session is part of our special interest series and focused on retail businesses. If your business sells products to the public from a brick-and-mortar store, this is for you! E-commerce and internet-based products will be addressed briefly. Topics will include value per square foot, customer lifetime value, and other 1) key performance indicators, 2) websites, local search, reputation management, and e-commerce, 3) marketing channels (print, broadcast, social, events, and more) and pricing in the area, and 4) email marketing for retail. Come prepared to discuss the challenges of running, marketing, and managing your retail business.

All seminars at 9:00 AM, Greater Bluffton Chamber of Commerce, 217 Goethe Rd., 29910. A new topic every Weds. Visit the original post for details, or Bluffton Marketing Series Dates & Titles.

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